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“Do I have the right retirement plan in place for myself and my employees?”

“How do I better understand my business and personal cash flow?

“How can I minimize taxes under the new tax code?”

“Can I afford to sell my business?”

 “How do I prepare a succession plan to have in place for when I exit the business?”

“Who will I pass my business to and what can I expect this process to be like?”

Owning your own business can evoke a sense of pride, responsibility, and purpose. However, we realize that stress may accompany these feelings and we're prepared to help. Easing the administration burden of retirement plan management, utilizing tax savings strategies, and business cash flow planning are just a few of the ways we can help alleviate your stress as a business owner. Perhaps now that it is established you wish to leave behind and preserve the business but aren't certain of next steps? We can help with the business valuation process so exiting your business feels less like a hand off and more like a celebrated transition at this stage in your life.


“Am I saving enough for retirement?”

“Do I have enough savings built up for my first home purchase or my next upgraded home?”  

“Am I using the right tax savings vehicle (i.e. 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, 529 Plan)?"

“Am I paying too much in taxes?”

“Those who started saving money for retirement at an earlier age are also more positive toward their financial future, confident in their retirement savings, and have more investable assets.”*

Okay, you've effectively managed to navigate the tumultuous unknown of your early years and have established yourself in your career. You have settled down and are perhaps looking ahead at your goals and retirement more closely. Maybe you want to begin or continue to save for things that matter to you. We can help prioritize and plan effectively for these goals so that they have a better chance of coming to fruition.


“Will I continue working past my full retirement age or can I afford to retire early and start enjoying retirement?”

“Have I saved enough to retire and still enjoy the goals I wish to pursue?”

“When should I plan to start taking my social security?"

You’re almost there. As retirement approaches you want to plan for a smooth transition where you enjoy the outcomes of your hard work and planning with a sense of confidence. Have you already paid off your mortgage, accounted for health care needs, and established an estate plan? These are just some thoughts to consider that we can help you plan for.


“Where do I withdraw funds from to meet my needs in retirement?”

“Do I have plans in place to ensure the ones I love are cared for and covered financially?”

Until now you've mainly lived within the accumulation stage throughout your life. It's now time to start enjoying your savings and the goals you have achieved...strategically. Perhaps you've planned to leave a legacy for your family or maybe you prefer to gift away to your favorite charity. Whichever path you choose, we can help with strategies like social security maximization, ways to minimize taxes, and operating within your means in retirement to allow you to effectively live out your preferred lifestyle that you deserve.